Ways to ensure effective implementation.

Getting a job done by efficiently leading your team is never an easy job to accomplish. Today’s economy is completely market driven where every single activity is focused on the bottomline. In this scenario, it is a serious waste of resources to have personnel that are not efficient enough to execute the plans.

It has been seen that the ability to efficiently execute a plan can make the difference between cracking or missing out on a lucrative promotion. Many of you may have heard the saying "Plan your work and work your plan." However, apparently, this saying is often ignored by the dealerships.

Over the years, a number of business leaders have stressed on the importance of having people that can get their jobs done. Regardless of the nature of business, the most precious commodity of an organization is its people. In his book "How the Mighty Have Fallen," author Jim Collins wrote, "Dramatic leaps in performance came when an executive team of exceptional leaders coalesced and made a series of outstanding, supremely well-executed decisions."

As the leader, three of your key decisions can play a stellar role in efficient implementation of your strategy. This includes knowing the end game, identifying the key players of your project, and accomplishment of the goal by the establishment of actionable steps with clearly defined timelines.
  • Knowing the end game: It is extremely important to know and understand the desired outcome of the work. The leaders or managers must have a clear understanding of this vision, and the same vision should be communicated to the team so that they know the goal of the project.

    One of the most important qualities of a true leader is the ability to share his/her vision. It is also the responsibility of the leader to help the team understand the overall objective of a project. It can be disastrous to have a leadership without a clear vision of the desired target. Nothing is frustrating for a team than following a leader without direction.
  • Identify the key performers: There are two factors involved in this process. Firstly, it is of paramount importance to understand who are the key people involved in the process. Secondly, each of these key persons should be made aware of their specific responsibilities. People are an important component of leadership because no goal can be achieved without people. Proper knowledge of the individuals will help the managers avoid the loss of man-hours and potential confusion.

    Managers must clearly outline who are the people involved in the execution of the process and their specific roles in the project. This will ensure that the entire team is focused towards achieving a common objective. A leader’s job is never complete without properly outlining the role of the team members in executing the project. By doing this, it is possible to keep all team members accountable towards the success of the project.
  • Create a timeline containing actionable steps: Most of us tend to have ambitious plans for the day when we start our daily tasks at work. However, often times, we realize that the entire day has passed without paying much attention to the most important aspects of the project.

    There is no denying the fact everyone has excellent intentions while starting the day. However, at the same time, it is extremely important to know what the most important tasks are in hand. The difference between success and failure is often created by prioritizing the actionable tasks and establishing a timeline for all of them.

    Try to break down your tasks in different actionable steps that are easily manageable. This will help you keep the organization moving forward by tracking the accomplishment of the organization’s vision.
Take time to include these three steps in your organization’s leadership strategy. Regardless of the magnitude of your task, this will ensure successful execution of your project. Distinguished management wizard Peter Drucker appropriately stated, "Intelligence, imaginations and knowledge are essential resources, but only effectiveness converts them into results."

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